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Just as seriously we take creating unique and exclusive pieces that you fall in love with and with which you feel incredible emotions, as their sustainability and that you know where they come from. We want to offer you fine jewelry aesthetically charged as well as sustainable, certified and traceable jewelry, from their origin.

We want to create a conscious and empowered community and for this we put you at the heart of the change, being the true protagonist. We hope to be part of the sustainable legacy that we leave for future generations.

The traceability and transparency of our gold and diamonds are part of our DNA and the future of luxury in the jewelry industry. We do not deny that this is a challenge, but we are proud to be able to offer it to you. To make this a reality, we work with suppliers certified by the Responsible Jewellery Council. The RJC works to ensure that standards of accountability for human rights, fair labor, health and safety, governance and environmental protection are upheld throughout the global jewelry supply chain.

We also work with suppliers that work under the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, with the World Diamond Council and together with the Kimberley Process.

Our 18k gold is recycled and traceable. Gold is a finite precious metal, but infinitely recyclable. It is estimated that it only emits 0.16% of carbon emissions vs. the large carbon footprint emitted in the extraction of this material. Our traceable diamonds are both natural and lab-grown, at the choice of the client. While we would like all of
our gemstones to be traceable, we will not always be able to claim full
traceability from mine to market.

We are in a continuous learning process and we want to be able to offer you the most ethical option on the market without compromising our designs or prices, which is why we make investments that allow us to do so, hand in hand with the best advisors. We will always continue working for you with the best suppliers in the market.

Plus, our products are crafted by hand, from the jewel to their walnut box, because we believe in supporting craftsmanship and sustainable business practices. We support artisans who have developed a long time profession, sometimes for generations, and we value quality over quantity.

In a culture of fast-paced consumption, we slow down and go back to the made-to-order model. Each piece is made specifically for a customer, as we believe this will minimize waste and impact on our planet. Our jewels are handmade with noble materials and of the highest quality, since we seek durability and to be part of your family forever.

We also believe in “giving back to society” and that is why we collaborate with foundations with similar values ​​to LeHona Jewellbeing.

Join us on the wonderful journey of improving our world, only then can we sustain this industry for centuries to come!

Sustainable & Traceable Fine Jewelry


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