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LeHona Jewellbeing is an ode to infinite beauties, and in honor of all the lionesses that exist in this world. It is a lifestyle manifested in the form of joy that allows you to self-express giving birth to your true self. It embodies your inner guidance, your values ​​while acting as a reminder to come back to yourself and be true to yourself, here and now.

Our aesthetic is inspired by our purpose: to remind you that well being is being able to live genuinely. Each design is a manifestation of the values ​​we hold close to our hearts, and we hope you will bring them closer to yours, both physically by wearing the pieces, and metaphorically when we welcome you to join our pride.

These new intentions, these memories, are activated through the very common, albeit unconscious, gesture of touching the joy you are wearing. Whenever you're doing something distracting and you get to play your LeHona piece, we want it to act as an anchor for the present moment and remind you that what you want to matter and to fight for it. It is not an easy task, but you already have within you everything you need.

Jewellbeing is understanding that being who you really are and living according to your true self is the ultimate expression of luxury and well-being.

Welcome to our pride!


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