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How to take care of your jewelry

What should you avoid?

Avoid exposing your jewelry to rubbing or bumps, since although gold and gems are hard minerals, a strong blow could damage them. We do not recommend that you put them in contact with other jewelry as they could scratch each other.

It is not advisable to put a jewel in contact with chlorine, bleach, ammonia or other abrasive chemicals (hairspray, perfumes or sprays), since they can affect gold and gems.

How can you maintain your jewelry?

We recommend that you clean your jewelry regularly using a mixture of mild soapy water, and if you want a soft brush to remove dust or dirt.

Rinse well and dry your jewelry before storing it, trying to store it in its case or in a cloth bag.

Once every two years, it is a good idea to take them to the jeweler for professional maintenance.

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